About us


Welcome to the department store My – the new format of the chain Tesco, which offers you shopping on the world level. You can find our premium products in a modern and pleasant environment on several floors. Thanks to attractive locations of our stores in the city centres you do all your shopping just around the corner.

About us

There is more than 400 brands under one roof. Everyone will choose from a wide range of styles and price categories. Experienced staff will help you with choosing the best product for you in the department with the luxurious cosmetics, toys, shoes and clothes. You will find special offers and special discounts each week. Have a break for a drink or a cup of a good coffee in our cafeteria and in a restaurant My Terrace in summer time. To manage everything important in one we offer wide range of fresh food for  low prices in  Tesco. Really rich assortment of products is in My completed by practical services which save a lot of your time. Whether it is a watchmaker, key maker, shoe repair or tailoring in department stores My you can count on combining pleasure with usefulness.

A piece of interesting information:

Panoch ranks the My Department Store among the five most important contemporary Czech buildings. Tesco´s former director Marcus Chipchase said that the Czech Republic was the first country where the company had launched its new concept of department stores, also mentioning that new name is reminiscent of the previous name of the department store at Národní Street in Prague, which used to be Máj.


The history of the My Department Store at Národní Street goes back to 1978. It has changed the name several times such as Prior, Máj, K-Mart and finally the current name My. The building is situated at the crossroads of Spálená and Národní Streets, and considered to be the one of the most prominent examples of Czech architecture of the 1970s. Tesco Stores ČR, a.s., has owned and been using it for business purposes since 1996. After renovating its interior and introducing a new layout concept, the company changed its name to My in 2009. Since 1975, the department store has occupied the site where the Neo-Gothic Šlik Palace used to stand. The My Department Store in Liberec is related to its counterpart in Prague by a very interesting historical fact. The original building of the department store at Národní Street was designed by architects of the Liberec-based SIAL architectural design studio, which had in turn been established by Karel Hubáček, the author of the Ještěd TV tower. Its authors, John Eisler, Miroslav Masák and Martin Rajniš, gave the building a hi-tech style feel, carrying on the legacy of hi-tech style pioneers, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers.   The department store structure replaced required a few old houses with Medieval and Renaissance vaults to be sacrificed, whose existence was proved by numerous archaeological finds and archival documents. The ceremonial opening of the department store in 1975 attracted much attention of Western architectural magazines. The facelifted look of the My Department Store at Národní Street is also very popular among the public. In 2006, the department store was declared a national cultural monument on the grounds of its original design. The department store has 7 floors above the ground and 3 underground levels, of which the following ones are open to customers:

The department store has 7 floors above the ground and 3 underground levels, of which the following ones are open to customers:
  • supermarket
  • selected and decorative cosmetics, drugstore, shoes, handbags
  • menswear
  • ladies wear
  • children's clothing, stationery, electrical appliances
  • home - household goods (including bedding, towels)